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Dollars and Doctrine

“Dollars and Doctrine is a comprehensive look at what Scripture says about managing money. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning how faith and finances should mix.” -

“Great faith and finance book…which I highly recommend.” (here)

“I like this book for a few reasons. First, it provides a topical study on what the Bible says about money. It doesn’t need to be read at one sitting and chapters can be read as applicable to life circumstances. Secondly, since the Bible doesn’t provide a detailed plan for money management, Dollars and Doctrine doesn’t provide one either. Rather, it lets the scripture and the leading of the Spirit speak into your financial planning.” - (here)

“Dollars and Doctrine by Rob Kuban is a book full of scripture references presented to help guide the reader to handle their finances according to the Bible…if you are looking for scripture and some guidance, this is the book for you. Dollars and Doctrine will help you line your spending up with the word of God, and will ensure that you are handling money the correct way. Kuban uses plenty of scripture to back up his assertions, when he makes them. He mainly leaves the scripture to speak for itself…This is a good book I would recommend. This book gives a lot of Bible verses pertaining to money, and Kuban is hesitant to interject his opinion and is more content with the verses speaking by itself. Instead of providing one verse and extracting multiple verses, Kuban does a good job of extracting multiple verses to back up what he does say. Even though its not as easy a read as a book with less scripture, if we had more authors with that attitude toward scripture, I think that we could go so much farther personally.”  – Book Review at, Read full book review here.

Christ-Centered Contentment

“Christ Centered Contentment is a powerful book that challenges you to find fulfillment in the hope we have in Christ and not in this temporal world. If you want to strengthen your dependence on Christ and grow spiritually, the biblical message in Christ Centered Contentment is perfect for you.”

Read Faith and Finance’s book review here.

“The Bible says that godliness with contentment is great gain. This books does a great job of explaining why.” -

Redefining Riches

“I’ve had the chance to review [Redefining Riches] and I can tell you it’s an excellent introductory course to the core principles of a Biblical approach to finances. If you’re looking for something related to finances to do in your Sunday school class or small group, I highly recommend this as a starting place.”

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