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13 Things That Will Make You Poor

This is a guest post I did for  It is a little long, but well worth the read. 13 Things that will make you Poor I had the idea the other day to read through the book of Proverbs … Continue reading

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Should poor people give?

Should poor people give? (Christians, that is)  This is an excellent question.  I get asked this often.  Here is my best answer.  (I’ll say right off the bat:  This is an area where I believe you are free to disagree with … Continue reading

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How Should a Christian View the Welfare System?

I got asked by a friend the other day: “How should a Christian view the Welfare System?”  Tough question.  Loaded question.  There are a lot of hidden assumptions and persuasions within such a question- humanitarian, political, economic, social, spiritual, religious…  … Continue reading

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Spurgeon: Two Types of Poverty

I was asked the question:  How should a Christian view the welfare system?  I am going to answer this question on Friday’s post.  Today, I am going to post a selection from a Charles Spurgeon sermon (Sermon #320).  He argues there are two … Continue reading

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