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“What are your convictions regarding the practice of tithing?”

“I believe that 10% of gross income is the minimum a person or family should give to their local church. Call it a “tithe” or “generous giving” (if you hate tithing), but either way it nets out the same. there are many resons for my feelings on this but the two main ones are 1) tithing was and Old Testament standard and we’re called to a HIGHER standard in the New Testament (Matthew 5:21-48) and 2) Jesus endorsed the practice of tithing (Matthew 23:23).” –

“As it relates to tithing I don’t have any personal convictions other than I wish my wife and I would have tithed much earlier in our marriage.  The tithe has been a great starting point for our giving and helps us put God first in our finances.  It has helped us lay our finances at the Lord’s feet when many times our natural instincts were to take complete control.  We’re actively praying about increasing our giving for a church project but it will be in addition to the tithe.” -

“I understand tithing as being more important for what it reminds us of, than the act itself. Tithing (in my opinion) should never be just about a certain percentage or strict regulations, but about a spirit of gratitude and giving. Real people’s life situations and the inability to pay the traditional 10% remind us that tithing cannot be that simple. I see it as an voluntary act that, when followed, teaches us discipline and gratitude for what has been given.” –

“In my experience, nothing stirs the pot quite like the word “tithe“.  Sadly, in all the theological debating, I think we often miss the point entirely (kind of like the Pharisees did in Matt. 23:23).  Regardless of what a Christian may think of tithing, the call to give generously, support those who minister to us, participate in the work of the gospel, and care for those in need is taken further in the New Testament than the Old Testament.  In light of this, I think Christians are free in Christ to consult the Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide their specific approach to giving, but not giving (or giving next to nothing) is far from the calling of scripture.  Tithing is simple, consistent, and a great first step towards living generously for any Christian led to do so.” –

“I strongly believe that tithing should be looked at from a “holistic” viewpoint.  Give what you can financially, but then also give of your resources and time.  People place way too much emphasis on just money.  If you are simply giving your money to the church, you are missing the point.  We are called to give and keep on giving, but not just money.” –

“Tithing is one of those issues that invariably will bring up a big debate.   There are those who believe we should give 10% of all we have to God as they did in the old testament. There are others who say that under the new covenant we’re to use Christ as our example, and give out of gratitude to him for all he has done for us.  I tend to be in the latter camp, not believing in a strict legalistic 10% or other percentage, but instead believing that we should give as we feel directed by the Holy Spirit, which in many cases may be more than 10%!

“”I think tithing 10% is a good starting point, but having a hard and fast rule is too legalistic to me.  Generosity isn’t measured by zeros, it’s measured by how sincere a person is.” –

“Tithing has been a controversial topic in churches for years, but we maintain that faithful tithing is an essential element of God’s master plan for our financial lives. The Old Testament is clear about God’s intention for His people to tithe, and both Jesus and Paul made statements in the New Testament that re-affirmed the importance of giving for Christians. If God is truly the owner of all of our wealth, then He has the right to instruct us in how we deal with it. Tithing is essential in the function and success of the local church; more importantly, though, the practice of tithing works to bring our hearts into deeper communion with the heart of God. Because where our treasures are, there our hearts are also.” –

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