Christian Financial Alliance: Spiritual Reasons to Get Out of Debt

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Name one spiritual reason to get out of debt.

“When you’re in debt it can become a barrier to your relationship with Christ.  As Matthew 6:24 says, “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” When you have a large amount of debt it can cause money to become your master, at the detriment of your walk with Christ.” –

“Because it’s wise to do so. Every time the Bible talks about debt, it does so as a warning or in a negative light — debt is never presented in a positive manner. The Bible’s wisdom says to avoid debt and the soundness of that advice has been proven time and time again.”-

“While debt itself is not evil, it can be a sign pointing to a deeper problem in our lives.  The typical person in thousands of dollars of credit card debt gets there by being focused on consumerism and materialism rather than pursuing God’s kingdom first.  (That’s not always the case, but it is very common.)  So a good spiritual reason to get out of debt is to break that cycle of buy, buy, buy and free yourself from valuing your life based on your possessions.  For many people, getting out of debt can be a first step to passionately pursuing God’s kingdom.”-

“Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:23).  Avoiding and getting out of debt requires self-control (to say the least!).  Therefore, I think we learn a lot about this fruit when we start steering away from debt.”-

“Debt can hinder our ability to hear God’s call on our life.  We can have so many bills to pay that if God calls us to some type of work that pays less that what we’re currently making we may think we have a fuzzy connection.  Living free from the bondage of debt frees us to hear and respond to whatever He calls us to.” –

“Wonderful opportunities to serve the Lord are jeopardized when debt obligations demand our constant attention.  It’s awfully hard to purchase airline tickets and the supplies needed to go on a missions trip when monthly payments for the Visa and line of credit consume most or all of our income above the basic necessities.  Imagine how great it would be to hear of a need for help and be able to pay cash – not only to visit that country to work – but to generously give to the individuals who stay there serving the Lord when we return home!  Financial freedom from debt not only releases us from repayment bondage but it allows us to answer God’s calling when asked to serve Him.”

“I think that for me, the reason to get out of debt is so we can accomplish God’s calling in our lives.  For several years now I have been un-employed, we have moved several times to participate in ministry, and we couldn’t do that if we had debt.  I don’t believe that God’s will for many of us is just to live in a comfortable house, with a job, nice cars, and clothing, that prevent us from going on missions trips, giving to Japan or elsewhere.  I believe in not carrying debt so that if God asks me to get up and move or give to those in need, I can.  So that I am not a slave to the bank, I can serve God in whatever it is He would ask of me.”

“One huge spiritual reason to get out of debt is to be able to use God’s resources for other people.  If you’re owned by a bank, it’s hard for God to use you.  Getting out of debt is quite possibly one of the best ways to see God carry out miracles in your life.” –

For more on the Christian Financial Alliance (or to join our team) click here.

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