New Christian Finance Site: Money Managers for Our Master

Dollars and Doctrine would like to welcome a new blog to the Christian Finance sphere: Money Managers for Our Master.  Glen contacted me regarding the Christian Financial Alliance, and after talking with him about his goals for his site, I wanted to promote his efforts.  I asked him to write a brief introduction for my readers regarding his site.  Check it out below and be sure to check out his site.

Money Managers for Our Master: A new site with articles based entirely on God’s Word – the Bible – which lays the foundation, and forms the basis upon which to build our financial mindset and habits.

From the author – Glen Steinson…

“There are some really excellent Christian finance blogs that offer articles with titles like ‘8 quick ways to pay down credit cards’ and ‘5 strategies for being a more generous giver’. It is not my intent to duplicate their efforts, – the focus here will be completely different. Rather, it is my desire that Money Managers for Our Master will faithfully serve as a companion resource to those sites as we walk together in the faith.

As I read my Bible, listen to messages and endeavour to be a faithful steward of the income and assets the Lord has entrusted to me and my wife, I am constantly thinking about how to communicate God’s truths about money to others. Teaching a young adults Sunday School class opened the doors for me to speak on a number of different occasions at our church. That in turn, has recently lead to an invitation to meet with a group of believers 3 hours away and speak at their Family Bible Hour. These opportunities, along with doing some one-on-one financial coaching with a married couple who are struggling, prompted me to start writing and launch the web site.

Be sure to sign up to receive notice via e-mail when new articles are added. You’ll be challenged each week as we look into how we interact with money, portray our priorities onto others, control our inner desires and communicate with God through our bank accounts!”

Check out my site here.

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