CFA: Defining Stewardship

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In your own words, define “Stewardship”?

“To me stewardship is realizing first that everything we have is God’s, and not our own. Once we realize that, I believe we need to focus on managing what we have been entrusted with by God, and using it for his glory, to fulfill his purposes on earth. That means that often we must focus on how we can help to meet others needs, not just our own selfish needs, and use our resources for purposes beyond our own. That’s not always easy to do, and it can’t be done without being in relationship with Christ. If we aren’t in relationship with Him, it is so much more easy to rationalize how we selfishly use our money, and forget the needs of others.” –

 ”Stewardship is acknowledging that you’re a manager of God’s property that He’s entrusted to you, knowing that He’ll want an account of your performance someday and that eventually all you manage will be passed on to another to do the same.” –

“Stewardship is managing someone else’s resources for them. As it relates to money, God is the owner of money and everything in this world. Money, homes, cars, etc. all belong to God and he has entrusted these things to us to manage them wisely according to His princples. My paycheck comes from God, but it’s up to me to manage 100% of that money for God. It doesn’t mean I can’t spend money on entertainment, but God provides principles to help me purpose the money towards giving, saving, spending, etc.” –

“Stewardship is all about understanding that God owns everything – it all belongs to Him and it all comes from Him. Anything He has blessed us with here on Earth is to be used to honor Him. We must always think of our resources as God’s resources and seek His will above all else when trying to decide how to use those resources.” -

“Stewardship is the idea that everything we own and everything we are belongs to God. Therefore, our decisions should reflect serving His interests above our own.” –

“Stewardship is managing any resource on behalf of another. As Christians, we manage our time, talents, money, and relationships in the best interest of the Kingdom of God. As stewards, our personal welfare takes second place to the desires of our Master.” –

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