New Book Release! Christ-Centered Contentment

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone with a knack for Biblical finance? Look no further! I have finished up my second book:  Christ Centered Contentment: Claiming the abundant life He promised.  I took 141 pages and tried to give a picture of what true contentment looks like in the life of a Christian. The book is a fun read—full of stories, quotes, anecdotes, and song lyrics; yet, very challenging at the same time—containing a hearty amount of scripture. I tried to maintain a healthy balance of depth, doctrine, and daily living. Christ-Centered Contentment attempts to capture contentment as a whole (as it is taught in the Bible), not limiting itself to the financial realm; therefore, I hope the book will harvest spiritual growth for its readers in all aspects of life. You can

1. Buy the book from Amazon.

2. Buy the book from me.

Christ-Centered Contentment

Jesus claimed that He came to give abundant life. Is this how you would describe your life? If we are honest, most of us would admit that we are far from living life to the full. Don’t go another day missing out on the richness of God’s promises to His people. Christ-Centered Contentment will teach you: God’s definition of contentment, the emptiness of worldly consumption, how to find peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction, how to live life with inspiring conviction, the secret of overcoming difficulty, the beauty of simplicity and gratitude, and the joy of choosing infinite gratification. Begin learning how to thrive instead of survive!

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