Ownership: A Christian View of Private Property

I am currently reading Business for the Glory of God by Wayne Grudem.  So far so good.  It is a short book, but very good.  This is a quote from his first chapter “Ownership”.  It is an interesting concept and definitely thought-provoking:

Sometimes people think of all ownership of property as a kind of “greed” that is morally tainted, and they imagine that in a perfect world people would not even own personal possessions.  But the Bible does not support that idea.  When God gave the command, “You shall not steal”, he affirmed the validity of personal ownership of possessions…Unless God intended us to own personal possessions, the command not to steal would make no sense. 

I believe the reason God gave the command, “You shall not steal,” is that ownership of possessions is a fundamental way that we imitate God’s sovereignty over the universe by our exercising ‘sovereignty’ over a tiny portion of the universe, the things we own.”

An interesting viewpoint to ponder over your weekend.  (I believe I must mention here that Grudem does go on to explain that the purity of ownership can be and often is corrupted by sin.)

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